Comfort in Cushions

imageOn a fairly relaxing Monday morning, whilst doing a bit of retail therapy, I came across these absolutely stunning cushions, and despite me owning a fair few already for my room I couldn’t resist adding these to the collection too.

The cushions are rectangular in shape and are a Urban Loft by Westex design. I haven’t come across this brand before, but a quick search finds that Wayfair stock their range. Sometimes it can be frustrating that things in TK Maxx are so unique or not heard of – it means if you want to find a matching pair or set it requires quite the Internet hunt.

Each cushion has a feather shape in varying shades of grey, with one having a gold accent and the other a bronze. I’m not one for bling but I do like the metallic foil design on the upper halves of the feathers. Due to the material used they are not the softest cushions that I have ever had, however I think they will be used for display rather than for sitting or resting on.

The cushions were £16.99 each, it’s not the most that I have ever paid for a cushion, but it’s not far off either. I bought them from TK Maxx in Sheffield city centre. It was a right palaver lugging them around for the rest of the day, including for a meeting and on the train back but it was very much worth it.

Have you got any cushions or homeware pieces that you are particularly proud of? Let me know!


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