Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish Review

imageI have been using Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish for almost half a year now and since I’ve gotten to the end of my first tube I thought I would share with you some of my feelings.

Cleanse and Polish is very well renowned by the people ‘in the know’, I had exhausted almost all of my other options in the skincare category before I found myself taking the plunge and giving it a go. I’ll cheekily admit that I did, on one or two occasions, use my Mother’s Cleanse and Polish but after one very distressing and inconveniently timed breakout and bought my own.

imageThe thing I like the most about Cleanse and Polish is how easy I find it to use. I circulate two pumps of the product around my face and neck and then I cleanse it off using the hot cloth, either in the shower on a morning, or in the sink at night. The solution is applied to a dry face and I have, on occasion, done so in the comfort of my bed, then motivating myself to move to the bathroom to wash it off. I’m terribly lazy sometimes and find that I am not always as disciplined as I should be with maintaining a routine, or sticking to one product, hence why it has taken me so long to finish my first lot!

The cloth is very kind to skin, and I feel as though my skin has been exfoliated, but in a way that isn’t aggressively abrasive or harsh. I’m a little unsure as to how to wash my cloth, luckily the special edition versions come with two each, so I binned the last cloth. I would like to know more about maybe how best to pop them in the washing machine – if you have any tips please do let me know!

I would say that changing to this product has been very beneficial for my skin. Whilst I have still suffered breakouts since I started using it, though I feel that they have not been as severe as they were previously. My skin feels very smooth for the entire day after using Cleanse and Polish.

This edition has a faint perfumed smell of Rose and Cedrat, these are two scents that I would not choose usually, but here they are fairly subtle and I quite like that. The slight scent means that you don’t have to worry about it clashing with any other perfumed products that you use in your routine, such as moisturisers.

Even though I do spend quite a bit, sometimes I can be quite thrifty and I always make sure that I get the last out of my lotions and potions. It’s hard to tell how much of the Cleanse and Polish is left at any one point, you have to judge it very much on weight rather than sight. After I was convinced I had gotten all I could, and the pump was no longer dispensing I decidedly to see how much was left in the tube.

Getting the lid off was rather a struggle, but when I did I was pleasantly surprised. The inside was not quite what I was expecting. The pump is connected to a bag from which the Cleanse and Polish is dispensed (the bag here is upside down). Inside was barely even enough to do one more wash which I was really pleased about. In the future I won’t go through the trials of trying to get it open, as I now know that there won’t be any need – the pump is very good and effective!

Since buying Cleanse and Polish I have gone on to also purchase Liz Earle’s Instant Boost Skin Tonic, the two seem to work very well in a pair. I would recommend buying the tonic to use as part of the routine. Just like Cleanse and Polish a little of the tonic goes quite a long way, I try and make sure that I use it both morning and night. I definitely want to explore more of Liz Earle’s product range, to see what other wonders they have.

Now that I have finished the Rose and Cedrat edition I’ve finally been able to start the Pink Pepper and Mint Cleanse and Polish – it has been woefully sat in my cupboard almost as long as I’ve been using the Rose and Cedrat!

Cleanse and Polish costs from £14 for a a non scented edition, up to £20.75 for a larger, limited edition scent. Comparative to what I used to buy it’s quite expensive, but I do think it delivers results far better than anything I have used previously.

In the future I wouldn’t mind buying the standard, non-scented edition. I’m not very good at detecting faint scents and haven’t been able to smell the scents very well of either of the two that I have had so far. I know some people with sensitive skin, and eczema like myself are not able to use scented or perfumed products, however I have had no trouble whatsoever with Cleanse and Polish irritating my skin.

I’m thoroughly enjoying using Cleanse and Polish, I really do think it works incredibly well and does wonders for my skin. It would probably take something quite revolutionary and outstanding to make me switch back from Cleanse and Polish, my only wish is that I would have found it sooner!

Have you used Cleanse and Polish – let me know your thoughts and tips!


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