A Little L’Occitane

imageIf you read my post a few weeks ago you’ll know that I splurged on the refreshed L’Occitane Verbena collection because I was so in love with the scent and the design of the range. I’ve been using the products for a while now, the cooling element to some of them has been a godsend on balmy days and muggy nights. Knowing that the range was limited edition I couldn’t resist popping back into my local Leeds store and picking up spares in some of my favourites from the range.

imageThe two products that I bought for the second time around were the Verbena Moisturising Body Mousse and Exfoliating Fresh Shower Gel. These two are my favourites at the moment and have been getting me through morning and night. Both have a slight cooling element with a scent that is so uplifting and fresh. The mousse is really easy to use and a little goes a very, very long way. It’s light and absorbs super fast which is amazing if you’re impatient like me.

When I visited these two were still included in the same bundle as the first time around which again made them good value. Together the pair cost £26, however individually they would have been £36, so I’m pretty chuffed. I still really like the design with the green and silver stripes as well as the kraft-style labels on some of the products.

imageAt the till I also bought this Men’s Cade Ultimate Grooming Experience set for £5. If I’m being honest I’m not exactly sure why I bought this, I think at the time I thought it would make a good gift for one of my male friends, likely that it would make a good small gift for any man – but why did I need to buy it?!

My little visit came to the total of £31, I’m really glad I went back in to pick up spares – I’ve squirrelled them away with my L’Occitane collection. I probably won’t start them as soon as I finish the ones I’ve got currently, if these are limited edition I want to save them for a while. I’d thorough suggest that if you like the look of these that you get yourself to L’Occitane sharpish before they’re all gone!


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