Whittards Tea Haul

Another trip home through town and I couldn’t resist looking in Whittards for some more treats. Recently I have been trying to cut out snacks and buying food, in my mind therefore it seems okay for me to buy more tea instead…

The main purpose of me popping into Whittards was to buy some more of their Instant Flavour Teas – I was fairly restrained and chose just four.

I have had the Turkish Apple flavour before so I was happy to see it continuing this year, this was the first tub I picked up. From the new flavours I bought Cranberry & Raspberry, English Fruits and Mango & Passionfruit. They were still on the introductory buy one get one half price offer when I visited, so two cost £5.50 each, and the other two £2.75.

I already bought two of the Instant Flavoured teas a few weeks ago, when it was unbearably hot. I’m a big fan of these products, so it was only a matter of time before I bought some more, I think six now is enough, especially considering I have outgrown the box in which I keep my teas by some way.

If you have read some of my recent posts you’ll know that I’m in love with the Summer Caddies that Whittards currently have in stock. Despite me going in on a warm, muggy day I couldn’t resist buying a couple more of these. Baked Apple and Strawberry Serenade were my flavours of choice at £6 each. I have already bought the Strawberry Serenade Summer Caddy as a gift, but I couldn’t resist going back and getting one for myself. I now own five of these little beauties, I think it would be ridiculous to own them all, but they are so cute and there is no way that I will be getting rid of them, even when the tea does run out.

In total I spent £28.50, which I think is quite good. I’ve already been using the instant teas – they’re so good at helping me make sure I keep hydrated. I haven’t opened my Summer Caddies because of how warm the weather has been, but I will give them a try soon!


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