Birchbox #6 – August 2016

Another month, another Birchbox to review, only this month it’s not! The August edition of Birchbox takes shape in the form of a soft toiletries bag, handy for any upcoming adventures. This month’s box theme is ‘Dive in’ with the items revolving around the idea of travel.

So take a look at what I got in this month’s Birchbox – or should that be Birchbag?…

The star item of August is a Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner. Birchbox subscribers were given the choice of colour between Expresso and Mulberry, of which I chose the latter as a bit of a change from the norm. The colour is a satisfying deep purple that glistens ever so slightly. It glides easily onto the lash line and promises to be quite resistant to, well, anything!

A small sample of Balance Me Radiance Face mask was also popped in. I have already tried this product as there was the exact same sample size free with Glamour a couple of months ago. It’s rather good, but I haven’t bought the full sized version. At the moment I’m loving my Sanctuary Spa thermal face mask and it seems to be doing the job, so I’m reluctant to swap.

Included in this month’s delivery was a mini Philip Kinglsey One More Day Dry Shampoo. We’ve received Philip Kinglsey products in past with Birchbox and I’ve been quite pleased with them, they have always been of a good standard. This’ll be quite handy as there will definitely be a few days in August where I might not have the energy or enthusiasm to wash my hair.

Merci Handy Hand Cleansing in New Wave (read: original) was in the bag too. It’s good, it does the job and cleans my mucky mits, the smell is very strong and almost overpowering. I fail to see how I’m meant to get excited about a hand gel though, it isn’t exactly what I signed up to Birchbox for. I can understand that this very much fits into a travel theme, however who doesn’t already have a little pocket hand gel?

Also in my box was Anatomicals The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub which promises to get rid of dead skin cells. The scent is a light grapefruit smell. It does do quite well at buffing my skin away which I’m slightly surprised about as there aren’t as many beads as I would find in my usual scrubs.

To finish off the box I received an English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Parfum sample. It’s not the typical scent that I would go for, however it’s not offensive either. It has very floral notes to it, with what I detect to be a slight hint of musk. It’s not something I would personally buy, but it’s nice.

Birchboxers received bags with accents in one of four neon colours, receiving orange myself.  I do wish in some ways the Birchbag had of been made out of a different material, perhaps something waterproof that would be wipe clean. I’m not the most graceful poolside so having something that wouldn’t be susceptible to water would be beneficial. I am reluctant to say it but because the material choices I think in someways the Birchbag looks cheap.

Whilst the contents of the box were varied I think overall this month I am slightly disappointed with the value of the box compared to previous months. The hand gel and scrub are quite cheap in cost, whilst the perfume sample is that of one released in 2013. The Balance Me face mask was on the front of every copy of several notable women’s magazines earlier this season. The only items of value to note are the Philip Kingsley dry shampoo and the Marcelle eyeliner.

Next month I will receive a free bracelet with my September Birchbox which I’m super excited about. This is because an amazing friend of mine used my refer-a-friend code to sign up to Birchboxes. The bracelets carry inspirational motifs so look out for which one I receive very soon.

Have you received the August Birchbag? Let me know what you received in the comments!


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