Lush – A make Your Own Experience

After a rather sedate week and thankfully the reintroduction of a fully working shower and toilet (don’t ask!) I finally got the chance to visit Lush to take part in a very exciting experience!

All this week Lush Leeds have been offering the opportunity to make your own of some of their most popular seasonal bath products. On the menu the day of my visit was the Comforter Bubble Bar, so I sat down and got stuck in to giving it a go…

The process was far easier than I had feared, you take a chunk of the mixture in each colour, gradually rolling to make them into two round discs and press them together to ensure they stick. Then you begin twisting the two together to create the classic spiral shape you see in many of Lush’s Bubble Bars. As you’ll soon see the bit where I came unstuck was where I needed to start twisting (arguably the most important part), so mine doesn’t look as you might expect.

The ladies who were running the station were ever so bubbly and friendly (and patient!), they made the experience even more enjoyable. Everyone in my local Leeds is always so charming and friendly and I always feel warmly welcomed when I visit. When I went by I was feeling a little run down and queasy as a result of my illness but within about 30 seconds of me sitting down I had completely forgotten all my troubles.

Don’t get excited, this definitely isn’t mine!

They had some of the earlier creations from the day on the side of the bench, including this incredible one – it looks almost like a perfect meringue! The staff had also been playing with using different designs, sausage shaped pieced rather than something akin to a burger patty, and the results looked like cute candy coloured pinwheels.

After my experience I very much regret not being able to get down to the store earlier in the week as each day this week there was a chance to make your own Lush product with the menu varying every day. Other products you could make included the Cream Candy Bubble Bar, Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb and the Butterball Bath Bomb – I’ve yet to try all of these.

At this point I’d like to make some kind of excuse about my poor hand eye coordination and being rather ham-fisted, but you know what, I’m not actually bothered! I had such a good time making my own Bubble Bar – I don’t think I’ve laughed that much all week! Mine looks unique and the fact that I actually got chance to make one is what matters to me. I can’t wait to jump in the bath with my own creation – coincidentally I even have some candles for the occasion!

It cost £4.95 for the absolute pleasure of being able to make my own Comforter. It’s the same cost had I of just bought a ready made one instore. I really enjoyed the whole process, and I’ll definitely be looking out for the next time they have something similar in store too. At the moment I’m really tempted to book into the Lush Spa (we’re lucky enough to have one in Leeds) to have a treatment and a bit of a pamper as I’m feeling a little run down, but I’m trying to save myself until the darker winter months and once Freshers is over.

Today is the last day to make your own Comforter Bubble Bar at the Leeds Lush store – you can pop in any time between 12-1 and 4-5. The whole process takes no longer than ten minutes, and the glam ladies that are running it are so friendly!  If I’m feeling a little cheeky I might have another go after work today, it was so fun!


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