A Wish for Whittards

After a sweltering day in the office, desparately slurping water, I dragged myself, all hot and bothered, to Whittards in search of something to break the monotony of H2O.

The warm weather had been getting unbearable when I visited, I went with the intention of buying some of Whittards’ instant tea. I’ve had these plenty of times in the past – they can be used with either hot or cold water, but I find they are best cool served with ice. The instant teas are an absolute saviour on warm days as they are perfect for staying hydrated, but also for keeping your sugar levels up.

Strawberry &Vanilla and Blackcurrant & Elderflower were the two flavours that I chose, the former of which I opened almost immediately. The flavour is so light and refreshing, it kept me going at work on that unbelievably hot Tuesday (well, that and the ice creams I bought for the office). I do find that I have to use more than the recommended amount to get the strength of flavour to suit my preference, but I believe this is because I have a very strong sweet tooth.

The instant flavour teas were on an introductory buy one get one half price offer, which meant that whilst one cost the normal price of £5.50 the second was reduced to £2.75. The range really seems to have expanded this year, I simply must try some of the new flavours.

A Raspberry Blaster flavoured tea infusion also made it into my shopping bag. At the moment I’m looking for strong fruit based flavours to help get me through these warmer months and this caught my eye.

I’m pretty chuffed as it was half price, reduced to just £3 – I’ve already had several cups of this tea and the taste is incredible! It’s really fresh with a strong raspberry flavour and has quite the zing to it, I find it to be perfect for when you need a little pick me up in the morning.

I have quite a few loose leaf teas now, including the Whittards’ summer caddies which you’ll have seen in previous posts. As we now appear to be truly getting into summer (with exception on the last few days) I would like to be able to use some of my teas to make iced teas. Iced tea is my go to drink for the summer, I’m going to have to do some investigating about how to get the best results – if you have any recommendations let me know!

The shop assistant recommended that I try the Goji Acai loose leaf green tea. I’ve never bought tea that is priced by weight before as this was. He did also recommend some other exotic sounding teas, however on this occasion I wasn’t brave enough to try something outside of my fruit flavoured comfort zone. The Goji Acai tea smelt quite heavenly in the store, and I’m hoping it tastes just as good as it smells – I haven’t tried it yet, though it won’t be too long before I do. 100g of the tea cost £6.50, which I think is alright. In the store they had a few racks of loose leaf tea – hopefully as I learn about and explore more of the flavours I like I will be able to explore more of these caddies.

I was served by a charming, and polite gentleman, the one who recommended the Goji Acai, and a trainee assistant. I very much appreciated that they were able to recommend me teas and comment on my choices – it’s always nice when staff have a good knowledge of the products they sell. I have always found the service in Whittards to be superb.

£17.75 was my total spend, it would have been more but the offers brought down the price making it very good value. I can’t believe that the Raspberry Blaster was just £3. I’m starting to amass quite the collection of teas and fruit infusions – I’ve now outgrown the click and collect Zara box I was keeping them all in!

With the weather the way it is at the moment I’ll definitely be back to Whittards soon as the other flavours of the Instant Teas are so appealing (Turkish Apple I’m looking at you!). I also would be interested in buying a few more of the summer caddies before they disappear off shelves as they appear to be quite the hot ticket!


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