A Bundle of Joy

Another day, yet another shopping trip, this time I found myself visiting Joy.

I do quite like Joy, it is after all the shop from which my graduation dress came, but I find I have more affinity with the shelves of gifts, books and trinkets than I do with what’s on the racks and the rails.

My visit was around the time of my lunch at the Alchemist so I very much had mocktails on the mind, hence why I bought this Mocktail Manual for £9.99. It’s a cute little square book and I like the recipe layout inside which is somewhat reminiscent of a high school science experiment.

Upon closer inspection, not as many of the recipes in the book are actual mocktails as you might expect – a lot of space is given to smoothies and juices, which wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Nonetheless it looks like a good starting point for trying to mocktails at home. I might have to invest in a few pieces of kit such as a shaker and syrups having looked at some of the recipes I am eager to try out first.

The main purpose of my shopping quest on this occasion was for the specific purchase of a cinema style lightbox, in which I was successful. I’m planning to put it on my shelf or the desk and use it for events or meals, it’s A4 in size which isn’t too obtrusive. It’s very Instagrammable too, and I think I might incorporate it into future blog posts. Mercifully it comes with quite a few doubles and even triples of the letters, so there’s no worry spelling my name or writing a short sentence.

I didn’t realise until I unboxed it that it was plastic, somehow in my mind I was convinced it would be made of metal. I still very much like it, but would have done so even more if it were metal, as it would then sit better with the aesthetic of my room. It takes 6 AA batteries, or a mains power adaptor, however one isn’t included so it’s a case of hoping your old Gameboy Colour charger or something of the like fits.

The light box cost £25, there are quite a few of these in shops at the moment I have noticed, and I’m not convinced that I necessarily picked the best value one. I think for this product a price point of £20 would have been more appropriate and I feel a little duped in someways as I am sure they have charged this price because they are very much ‘in vogue’ at the moment.

In total I spent £34.99, I’m don’t particularly regret any of my purchases however I think the light box could have been better and I am slightly disappointed. I think all to often I have a case of buy now, think later. I’m really keen to get started trying out some Mocktails though for when the weather perks up, so look out for them on my Instagram!


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