Bountiful Bettys – 15.07

IMG_2634.JPGAn afternoon off and a trip east along the railway line to York called for only one thing, a visit to Bettys.

For me Bettys is an institution which I hold in very high regard, I always feel that they execute things to the highest of standards, whether it be the bakery items, the tea rooms or the exceptional customer service and on this visit my experience was no different.

I couldn’t resist the pull of purchasing Macaroons, after my visit to London and the ensuing macaroon excess last month I have gone somewhat cold turkey on them, and I must admit the four weeks have been too long. I would rate Bettys’ Macaroons as some of the best I had, even above some of those you might find in the food halls of London. I opted on this occasion for doubles of my seasonal favourites, those being passionfruit, champagne, and obviously chocolate.

The macaroons cost £2 each, with the box an additional £2. If I wasn’t a bit of an idiot I’d have remembered to bring one of the Bettys Macaroon boxes I have at home. They’re fine with me reusing them, after all it is more environmentally friendly, but I do feel a little cheeky and cheap taking them back sometimes. On one occasion I opted not to have a box and had my macaroons in a paper bag instead with disastrous consequences (macaroon massacre)!

IMG_2650.JPGThe Brownie Cupcake would have to be one of my favourite items that Bettys offer. The marzipan ladybird hides a rich brownie like flavour and texture, in the guise of cupcake. The ganache bee, has a light, yet rich filling atop a sponge based which is then encased in chocolate and decorated in the most sublime manner. I adore how these items change seasonally to different, equally delightful animals. Both the bee and the ladybird cost £2.25 each, which is exceptionally good.

In the past I would have bought two of each, but I’m trying to be a bit more restrained with my food related shopping (cue laughter). I cannot get over how cute they both are – there has been some fine craftsmanship going into making these, and I probably devoured them a little too fast to appreciate their beauty. I wish I possessed the baking skills to make something on this level.

IMG_2654.JPGWhilst at the counter I couldn’t resist picking up a Grand Cru Ganache Chocolate Cake. It’s very rich and decadent, however it’s also very moist and it looks the part. Only a small slice is needed, so even though I was apprehensive that it might have been too small it went quite a long way. The cake cost £4.95, I’d been eyeing up the Grand Cru cakes on several previous visits so I am delighted to have finally got my hands on one!

At the first opportunity after my visit I took this to work for my colleagues, minus the couple of slices I had to try it out, obviously. The fake went down rather well, everyone enjoyed the richness and decadence of it.

IMG_2636.JPGThe last thing I added to the growing pile of purchases was two boxes of Betty’s own Tisanes at £5.95 each. On a previous occasion I had bought the Strawberry, Cherry and Rose variety, and as I was reaching the last few bags in the box I thought it prudent to buy some more. The taste is incredible, and it comes with a vibrant red colour to match, the scent too a heavenly experience. I had seen other flavours from the range advertised online and had been keen to also try the Apple and Juniper, so I chose a box of that also.

If you’ve been keeping abreast of my recent purchases you’ll know I’m currently undergoing somewhat of an expansion of my tea collection lately. Thought I haven’t made the leap past fruit based teas I am very much enjoying trying new flavours and combinations. The Strawberry, Cherry and Rose Tisane was somewhat of a catalyst to this, so I am glad to have picked up more.

It’s now mandatory that whenever a Betty’s comes into sight I absolutely must acquire a Fat Rascal, Granddad would probably never let me forget it if I didn’t. He is terribly fond of them, and often slyly suggests that a visit to nearby York or Harrogate might be a nice thing for me to do – though he only ever has one thing in mind! On this visit I definitely didn’t disappoint, remembering to get one along with everything else I had chosen for myself.

All in I spent £33.40 with half of it being on the macaroons and Tisanes. I would never think of Bettys as anything less than good value, especially for the standard of product. Often I see that their loafs are similarly priced to those you might find in Marks and Spencer. As ever the service was immaculate, all of my items we’re very well packed and survived the jostle around the narrow winding streets of York and the eventual return home.

I throughly enjoyed my afternoon in York, and the subsequent visit to Bettys, sadly now there’s not much edibles left from my visit, but I cannot wait until next time I’m in one of their beautiful locations. I vouch that one day I will brave the queue and try afternoon tea – I don’t know how I have gotten this far having it done so yet! If you’re not lucky enough to live near a branch of Bettys fear not – they offer worldwide delivery when you order online!


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