Body Shop Sale – 11.07

After a seemingly endless day at work I couldn’t resist the lure of The Body Shop sale. I’d seen emails and tweets about how good it was, and had tried to stay away to save money, but on a muggy Monday afternoon last week I found myself absentmindedly browsing the sale.

The first thing I set my eye on was the Early Harvest Shower gel for £3, which I have had in the past. Body Shop shower gels are a favourite of mine – they’re incredible, they lather so well and are the perfect shower treat!

A Body Butter of the same scent which had 50% off was the next thing to make it into my basket. I don’t have as many Body Butters as I used to, but I couldn’t resist this one as I find the smell so alluring. Body butters are a perfect way to hydrate your skin, and when they smell as amazing as this I don’t mind putting in the time and effort.

I also got a body scrub in both the Early Harvest Raspberry and Blueberry scents for £6.50 each. It’s getting to that weather where I might have to pick something out of the wardrobe that isn’t skinny jeans so this’ll help buff my legs up. Just like the raspberry, the blueberry scrub also smells amazing – they look a little like runny jam in the pots, I’ll have to try to remember not to eat them!

Also in the sale were products from the Honeymania range, the scent of this range is amazing – it’s perfect for when you need something soothing and calming, and a change to the usual choice of lavender.

Initially I chose the Bath Melt for £4, but I thought for an extra £7 I may as well get the Honeymania Body Butter as well, I’ll use it after the bath to complete the experience. It might be a little too warm for a honey bath, as you may have read I am favouring citrus based scents at the moment, I might save this one for when the days start to close in. Both products were half the original price from before the sale – I’m pretty chuffed.

On my way to the till I couldn’t resist a pot of Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet costing £7.80. The Vitamin E products have long been my go to when my eczema flares up in winter. I hope this will be a lighter way of delivering the same hit of moisture, a few of the other products from the range can be quite heavy, especially with the warm weather we’re having at the moment.

The last thing I bought was the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, if you’ve read my blog or seen me lately you’ll know I’m suffering from quite the breakout. I haven’t used anything from their seaweed range before, but at just £1.50 I thought this would be worth a try (I’m pretty desperate at this point!)

At the till the sales assistant also bobbed in my bag quite a few samples of both the Drops of Youth Concentrate and the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil. I’ve used Facial Oil before but not the Youth Concentrate so I’m looking forward to trying it out. I now have quite the collection of samples at home from various shops – I must

In total I spent £33.30, which I think is pretty fantastic for the amount I got. The Body Shop sales are always incredible, and there are some very good bargains to be had – I think there’s still a little while left for the sale and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you can!

It’s not too late to check out The Body Shop sale in store or online – Let me know if you buy anything!


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