Pampering Products – L’Occitane 12.07

After a long day at a conference last week and finding myself reading meeting documents until gone 11pm I thought I deserved a treat, so where else was I headed but my favourite L’Occitane. Read on to find out what I bought on my latest visit…

After having a little pamper, with a hand massage and demonstration of the new verbena products the first thing I picked up was the Verbena Exfoliating Shower Gel and Moisturising Body Mousse. I used both as part of my routine this morning (I’m surprised I waited that long!) and was delighted with the results. The shower gel has a slight cooling element to it, so was perfect after a sticky night, when I threw myself into a cold shower this morning. A little of the body mousse goes quite far, a small amount in the palm of my hand covered both my arms and a bit more – it’s very lightweight and absorbs incredibly quickly. Together as a bundle they cost £26, a saving of £10 against their individual rrps. I have already used both, and do not regret my purchase, though with them being limited edition perhaps I should have stocked up!

As a bit of an impulse I also picked up Verbena Rough Cut Soaps for £10. I cannot convey in a post how intense and fresh the scent emitting from the box is, they’re so good, I might have to wait until I have my own bathroom to use them! The soap comes in two rectangular blocks for me to cut as I so choose.

I find the verbena scent to be very invigorating and energizing. If I’m having a bit of a sluggish morning, or come home fed up I’ll use products from this range as the scent brightens my mood.

As I had spent over £40 in total on my visit I qualified for a free Summer Collection gift set. This was an offer I had received through the mail and what initially put L’Occitane in my head as the destination for my treat.

The design on the bag is a mix of the purple of the lavender and the green of the verbena which I quite like. The contents mirror the design of the bag and are a split of lavender and verbena products including a lavender foaming bath and miniature hand cream. From the verbena range was a body lotion, and a miniature eau de toilette. The perfume has quite the strong and uplifting scent and I used it this morning after my other verbena products.

Whilst instore I also picked up a Summer Favorites box which is a collaboration between L’Occitane and Harper’s Bazaar for £30. The box is also produced in conjunction with ‘My Little Box’ which is a subscription service and the design is taken from their April flower edition, though past the design I am not quite sure what their involvement was.

Inside the box was Almond Shower Oil, Cherry Blossom eau de toilette, a mini Delightful Rose Handcream, and a small pot of Divine Cream. A Lavender Foaming Bath and Verbena Body Lotion was also included, though I feel a little silly as I had gotten both of these in the free Summer Collection.

The box cover has a sublime design, however is is just the a yellow L’Occitane box inside a slip cover. I think for this and the Vogue collaboration box I purchased recently I would much rather if the design was applied to the box rather than a cover. I feel this would be much more special and something that could quite easily be gifted.

Accompanying the Harper’s Bazaar Summer Favorites box was the gift of a My Litle Box ‘Jardin d’appartement’ which is the cutest little garden in a box. It comes with a base, and ‘cresson du jardin’ seeds which I’m guessing is garden cress. The box has a painted design on the background, and there’s a little cutout of a woman riding a bicycle – tres chic! Perhaps this is where My Little Box com in as their logo is on this box also. I think may set mine up on my work desk, my work environment is not ideal at the moment as there’s excessive building work and noise, so it would be nice to have something to lift the mood.

Instore I was served by Helen, who actually recognized me from when I was put on the waiting list for the advent calendar (always nice)! Like the rest of the staff in the Leeds Branch she is ever so helpful, attentive and patient, and I quite like being served by her. I enjoy when we get chatting over a hand massage and she explains the backstory the brand or some of the newer items, she really puts the time and effort into making me feel welcomed and valued.

In total I spent £71, including a £5 hand cream gift set which I picked up at the till. I haven’t been to L’Occitane in a while, and have been intentionally trying to make less of a habit of it (some of us want to move out!) but was very easily tempted back by the verbena products. I’m really enjoying what I’ve bought and am glad to add it to my L’Occitance collection.


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