Careless In Carluccio’s

After accepting my fate recently, admitting I had missed the train, I looked for something to do within close proximity to the train station (so as not to miss the next one also) and happened to find myself perusing the shelves of the deli in Carluccio’s.

If you haven’t figured by now I am a big fan of food. When I’m not eating food, I’m buying food, or things to make food, or thinking about food. Food! For me food is a passion (and a curse if you look at my hips), sometimes I yearn for nothing more to be in the kitchen, alone, surrounded by seasonings, spices and more. So whilst I was in Carluccio’s I couldn’t help but pick up a few bits…

Initially when I entered the restaurant I thought I could purchase some Truffle Oil. I’ve used truffle oil before with good effect, and the small bottle I had from Gusto in York was finished recently –  I was looking to replenish supplies. I have used it in cooking and on salads sparingly as I find a little amount still has quite the flavour. This 55ml bottle cost £7.95

At the same time I also picked up Truffle Butter for £4.95. It sat next to the oil on the shelf, and after seeing it I was quite keen to give it a go. Often if I’m cooking I’ll start with something akin to bruschetta, hopefully this will add a decadent twist to future meals, or maybe I might just keep it for myself, who knows?!

My family, including myself, quite like wild boar, it’s something we very much enjoy, but seldom get to eat. The second I saw this ‘Cinghiale’, or Braised Wild Boar and Tomato Sauce I knew I had to have it. The assistant did tell me about a similar sauce with game, however I haven’t tried game, so chose to save that one for when I’m feeling a little more adventurous. I’m hoping to get a couple of sublime pasta dishes out of this £4.95.

I also picked up walnut pesto ‘Pesto Di Noci’ which is a walnut pesto. I adore pesto, and am quite guilty of using rather a lot of it in dishes. I have tried, and liked, variations of pesto, including tomato, even chocolate, and thus I thought this would be right up my street. Hopefully it’ll work well in salads as well as pasta, and can be used in place of pine nuts, or watered down with oil into a dressing.

The last thing I picked up was this Trofie Durum Wheat Pasta for £3.75. I thought with Summer now here that this would be perfect to add to lighter salad dishes. Carluccio’s, much like TK Maxx, is very good for picking up unusual pastas, ones you might not find in your local supermarket. In the past I have bought squid ink spaghetti and cocoa flavoured tagliatelle from Carluccio’s. It’s a very good place to visit if you’re wanting something a little different to the norm.

Carluccio’s is often one of my first choices for a spot of lunch, I find their dishes light & delicious. Often after a meal I enjoy perusing the shelves of their in store deli, much like today, seeking inspiration for what I can bring into my own cooking. If you didn’t know they had a deli you can view some of what is stocked on the Carluccio’s website (my tip: squid ink spaghetti). I will have to visit for a meal soon!


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