A Monday Morning in Moonko

A bright and blustery morning not too long ago (Monday last week to be exact), before a meeting, I found myself with a morning in Sheffield and decided to do a spot of shopping and so, I headed straight for Moonko.

Moonko is an absolute must any time I am in Sheffield. I first came across it when I worked in in the city a few years back and have been in love ever since. Moonko stock an amazing array of independent, handmade and often unique items that would be perfect as gifts or for decorating the home, I find the store so magical and inspirational.

The first print I picked up was this Seek Adventure print. Not usually one for motivational quotes, I find this one really striking. I really like the use of the negative space, and think it makes the print all the more appealing. It cost £19, it doesn’t come framed, but I rather like having the choice of being able to pick my own, and will probably go for a minimalistic black or white matte frame.

I already have this print with yellow on a white background, however I am quite the fan of monochrome. I must admit also that part of the reason I bought a second copy is because I wasn’t all too careful storing the first, and it does have a couple of significant markings, which is my bad because it’s equally beautiful.

The second piece of art I bought was this sample for £7. It has a real depth, I like the style, and that you can see the brush strokes. This is the first piece of art that I have owned that isn’t a sketch or screen print. I think the two cats really have some character in them and have quite expressive eyes. Again, I rather like the minimalistic design, and the negative space.

Initially I picked up this design as a postcard for £2.50, however when I discovered the sample artwork I couldn’t resist it. The Adventures of Pip and Iver is going to be Moonko’s first story, and if it’s anywhere near as sublime as the artwork I cannot wait.

The last thing I picked up was this beautiful scarf, white and edged with tassels, it was decorated with delicate moon prints. The scarf is a Bonbi Forest design by Lee May Foster-Wilson, and I absolutely adore it. Each scarf with its silky smooth fabric seemed to have a unique colouration to it, I choose this one for its exciting and electric blues and yellows. I won’t be wearing it just yet, it’s a little too warm at the moment for scarves, but I can’t wait to give it its first outing at the first sign of colder weather. I was very tempted to buy a second as a gift for someone near and dear, but I resisted.

The scarf cost £30, bringing my total spend up to £58.50 with the two prints and postcard. I also bought some Rifle Paper Co stationery, but I’m saving that for another post as there was that much!

The staff are always very helpful, attentive and friendly in Moonko. I love how they can tell me more about the creators of each product I buy. The store is light and spacious and is beautifully laid out, almost as if each item had been carefully curated for the store. I have several prints and pieces bought from the shop, and I can’t wait to frame them and get them up on a wall when I move out.

You can check out Moonko here, or if you’re lucky enough to get to visit Sheffield (go to the Winter Gardens!) you can find the store on Division Street.


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