Zara Home – A First Look

A new addition to Briggate is Zara Home, offering modern and stylish pieces for every room in the house. After somewhat of a stressful fortnight (okay, maybe month) at work, I made it over the threshold to check it out.

Zara Home had been open for a number of weeks when I finally swung by for a visit, I’d been saving it as a treat for after completing a pretty big project at work and pulling off a rather successful event. It’s only in the past year that I have become a fan of Zara clothes, rather liking their jeans which are both comfortable and stylish, though I must admit not everything in the store appeals to me, nor fits me.

The store is divided into separate sections for each theme or range, with there also being a kids section downstairs (that’s the next baby shower sorted!) The store seems to stock almost anything you might need for decorating a home, right through from cutlery and kitchenware, to door knobs and much much more in between. Not all of it is necessarily to my particular tastes but I do very much covet a lot of what they had in stock.

What I quite like about the store is that it gives quite a lot of space over to showcasing the products, how they could be used in the home, and how the different pieces of the entire range can clash or compliment to create a beautiful spread. On the occasion I visited there were at least two different table layouts, bed spreads with throw cushions and more to evoke a sense of imagination and inspiration.

I was exceptionally restrained on my visit, I wanted to buy almost everything, but I don’t think my bank would have been pleased. I bought only four spoons and a pair of table mats in the end.

I can’t get over how nice the spoons are, they have long white handles and elegant gold tips. I think they are quite minimalistic, which adds to their appeal. I bought them with the intention of using them solely on special occasions, which, I think, is how I managed to justify the price tag to myself. The spoons were £9.99 a piece, which came to £39.96 for the four, which is quite a lot (dear God, please no one show my Mother this). I did wonder at the till whether four or six made a set, but then when I realised how much I would be spending on spoons already I felt a little ridiculous.

The two table mats are rather large, at 30x50cm, which would fit a large plate, drink and then some! Across the mat is an intricate, detailed pattern, with an Indian influence, the corners are decorated with a tassel and a golden bead. The deep blue of the woven material makes the captivating, golden pattern stand out even more. I don’t have a dining table, so I’m going to save these and might put them on a cupboard top, or shelving unit. It cost £9.99 for the pair, which is a little expensive, but I do very much like them.

In total I spent £49.95, with the large majority of that going on the aforementioned spoons. It is rather a lot of money to pay for four spoons and two table mats, and I wouldn’t necessarily consider it a bargain. My splurge on buying the spoons has since become something of a joke in the office, though this has not diminished my love for them. I think Zara Home sells many, many beautiful wares, but it would be quite difficult, and expensive, to decorate your home in. Buying a few pieces from here would uplift any room or spread and I think for me it’ll do just that.

Zara Home are currently having a sale, and though I’ve temporarily banned myself from re-entering the store, I might have to break this vow, just for a look.


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