More L’Occitane

It hasn’t been that long since I posted about my entire L’Occitane collection, and it’s already expanded! On a recent trip to town I couldn’t resist when I walked past, here’s what I bought this time.

I was a little jealous watching the Vogue Festival on Instagram, celebrating 100 years of the iconic high fashion magazine. This year also marks the 40th birthday of L’Occitane, and to mark both milestones the two powerhouses have come together for a collaboration. The Celebrating Beauty Icons set includes L’Occitane’s much coveted products in one neat package. It contains 75ml bottles of the Aromachology Shampoo and Conditioner as well as Almond Shower Oil. There is also Precious Cleansing Foam, a sample Creme Divine and Shea Hand Cream.

I’d been eyeing up the Melting Honey shower gel for a while, but on this visit I finally took the plunge and bought it. The whole melting honey range smells so delicious, just like you would expect a warm jar of honey to smell like when you pop the lid. I don’t think that I have ever, in my entire 24 year history, paid £15 for a shower gel, but I guess there is a first for everything, though I don’t expect this to become a regular occurrence. I seized the next opportunity (shower) I got to use this, as I couldn’t wait to see what it was like in the shower. It smells just as good as you would imagine in the shower, if not better. My one qualm old be that it doesn’t lather exceptionally well, though this might just be because I have been using Lush products of late, which are a complete bubble fest. This scent is probably better matched with the bracing winter mornings and dark nights than the weather we are having currently as it is quite heavy, at the moment I’m favouring lighter, citrus based scents such as Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush.

To finish my purchases I also picked up a Citrus Verbena Hand Cream. As you know already verbena is one of my preferred L’Occitane scents, and this ‘Verbena Agrumes’ is a fresher take on verbena, with a lighter scent, perfect for the upcoming summer months. I didn’t discover until I got home and was putting my items away that I did in fact, own this exact item already – always good to have spares I guess!

At the till I was offered an additional purchase of a gift set which, naturally, I agreed to. In a cute cosmetics bag came a Rose Soap, Cherry Blossom Shower Gel, Vert and Bigrade Eau de Toilette and much more. The Lavander Foaming Bath is so good if you’re having trouble sleeping, it’s the perfect, indulgent way to get ready for bed. Also included was Piovine Sublime Perfecting Cream and Almond Milk Concentrate. I’m not really a fan of soaps, or Rose scented items, so I’m going to pass that one on.

In total I spent £56, which was more than I had planned on, I did use a voucher for £10 off which brought the cost down a little bit. On top of the £15 for the Melting Honey Shower Gel, the Vogue Celebrating Beauty Icons set was £28, the Citrus Verbena Hand Cream £8 and finally the add on gift set was £15.

I really need to stay away from L’Occitane for a while, as I always end up spending rather a lot, not that I regret buying the Melting Honey Shower gel, because it is amazing! If I ever moved out I would have to rein my spending in quite considerably, perhaps I just need to learn the art of window shopping.


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