Whimsical in Whittards

IMG_2220.JPGI’ve been wanting a cup and saucer set for a while, and quite liked the idea of buying a glass one. Browsing Whittards before a lunch I happened to spy just what I was looking for, and naturally I picked up a few other bits too.

IMG_2214.JPGIt is the perfect, small, glass cup with saucer to match. I’m really excited to begin using this, as I’ll be able to appreciate the colours of my teas when I’m drinking them. It’s also the perfect size for me, at home we have rather large mugs, and I feel that often dilutes the taste of the tea. The set was £14 which I think is quite reasonable for there to be two in the set.

To go with my sophisticated new cup and saucer set I also picked up a globe tea infuser for £5. If you read my last Whittards post you’ll know that I am not very impressed with the one I’m having to use currently. I bought several teas whilst in London in March and haven’t started them as I want to be able to taste them fully, hopefully this will do the trick. It’s fairly small in size, but should fit nicely in my new cup.

IMG_2212.JPGIn store was a new range of Summer Teas, loose leaf blends in 50g pastel coloured caddies. In the window they were displayed as if a tower of cupcakes, a bright and cheery sight on the cloudy day I visited. The tins were priced at £6 each which I think is reasonable value, they would also make the perfect gift if you know any friends with a penchant for tea!

I was most excited about the Strawberry Mint flavour, and it was what initially attracted me to the range. My go to tea at work is an English Strawberry and Mint, and this version promises to be sensational. The aroma from the tin itself is heavenly light, fruit and very refreshing, this will be the first of the trio that I try.

I very nearly went for the Petit Macaron flavour, but switched it out for Red Velvet at the last minute. It promises an infusion of apple, beetroot, blackberry, and raspberry with liquorice and hibiscus. I’m not quite sure how it’ll taste, but I am excited to try it.

IMG_2240.JPGThose of you familiar with my blog will know I already have a jar of Apple and Elderflower, I do feel a little silly that I have bought it again, only this time in a caddy. I did think that all the flavours in the range would be new, but having checked online it seems like some of them have been incorporated into the summer range.

The little tins are super cute and I will definitely be keeping them after they’re done! I must resist the temptation to buy the other teas from the range so that I have a full set of tins as that would be rather pricey. There is a total of 12 flavours in the range, and they would make for a trés chic spice rack if they were upcycled (a girl can dream!).

IMG_2217.JPGThe store assistant asked if I had a student card (my complexion makes me look like a perpetual teenager), I’m no longer a student, but I do own a University ID card and NUS card so I happily showed them netting me a cheeky discount. My total spend for the visit was £33.84, which I think is good value, especially considering I got the cup and saucer duo.

I can’t wait to start using my cup and saucer, it’s so cute and will definitely be cropping up on my Instagram soon. Obviously when I’m using it I’ll have to try some of my new teas, but I really can’t wait to get started on some of the older ones that I’ve been hoarding since London. I really like Whittards, I don’t think you’ll see me drinking gunpowder tea anytime soon, but I’m really enjoying exploring more of their range.


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