L’Occitane Lover: My Collection

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My entire @loccitane_uk collection.

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My collection of cosmetics, toiletries and the like has grown quite considerably over the past year, and I thought I would share what makes up the collection over a series of posts. There are few brands I own quite so much of as L’Occitane, so I thought that would be a good place to start.

My L’Occitane collection started back in October, I’d always walked past the branch in Victoria Quarter, Leeds and wondered what delights might await inside, but never actually gone in. On a rather autumnal day, I ventured out of the office at lunch to hunt for Christmas gift ideas, and decided to give L’Occitane a try.

IMG_1864.JPGThe first purchase I ever made was this magic key, as a stocking filler for my Mum. She’s forever using hand creams, and cutting the tops of to make sure she gets every last little drop. I’ve since gone on to buy myself one of these too, with the amount of their hand creams I now possess.

My collection spans most of their range, with a lot of it being samples, or hand creams. I think part of why I have come to love L’Occitane is because it doesn’t sell makeup, so I don’t feel out of my depth in stores.

WP_20151228_006.jpgAs we approached Christmas I also treated myself to L’Occitane’s 2015 advent calendar, which promised a little gift for every day in the run up to December 25th. As a relative newbie to L’Occitane at the time the advent calendar was a fantastic to try and learn more about their products and signature scents. If ever you’re new to a brand and dip your toe in so to speak and advent calendar is such a great way to do this. It allows you to try a lot of a little of what a brand offers, for what can often be a quite reasonable price.

IMG_1860.JPGMy favourite collection would have to be the collaboration between the master of macaroons (and my personal favourite) Pierre Hermé and L’Occitane, creating a trio of sweet scents. The Pamplemousse & Rhubarb is the most heavenly of the three, closely followed by the Miel & Mandarin, but I didn’t see much of that scent in store. Jasmin, Imortelle and Neroli finishes off the range. Once when I was instore having a rather relaxing hand treatment, the assistant was telling me the story of how the two came to collaborate, conjuring up images of rustic France, and dinners eaten al fresco.

IMG_1870.JPGI own quite a few pieces from this range, including both the Pamplemousse & Rhubarb and Jasmin, Imortelle & Neroli Eau de toilettes with matching shower gels and the hand cream set, covering all three of the scents. When I visited London a few months ago I also picked up two soap trios from the range. I desperately wish that I would have gotten my hands on the lip balms from this range, as I bet that they were incredible.

Verbena would have to be my favourite of L’Occitane’s scents, excluding those from the above collaboration. It’s such a sweet, citrusy uplifting scent, almost like a lemon sherbet. I took it to London, as it’s the perfect for waking you up in a morning, and refreshing you and a warm day. I have shower gels in this scent, as well as hand creams and a lip balm. It works really well as all of these things as the smell is so universal.

IMG_1879.JPGI know L’Occitane is a slightly expensive brand, and I don’t deny that, but  I do enjoy it and think that often the offers, or free gifts do make it better value. I haven’t bought some of the more expensive products from their range such as the divine cream. Those products I do have that were slightly more expensive, such as the Pierre Herme shower gels I use on occasion, as a special treat.

I have no idea how much I’ve spent at L’Occitane since that October day, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t want to add it up, just in case my Mother one day stumbles across this post.

IMG_1878.JPGA lot of the collection I have are travel size editions of products, not only from the advent calendar but from little add on sets, or free gifts. As you might know by now I’m a right sucker for these types off offers, which might explain why I have so much! It also explains why I have a few doubles, or even triples of the same product, such as the shampoo or the almond shower oil. I keep the little bags, or boxes that the sets come in and use them to store my collection or as travel bags. L’Occitane always have some sort of offer where if you make a qualifying purchase/spend then you get. reduced or free gift set, which helps make shopping there better value.

IMG_1876.JPGI also really like shopping with L’Occitane because with each purchase you get free samples to try new products. This is really ideal for things such as the Divine or Precious cream which are a little more expensive, meaning you’d want to try before you buy. I know it’s a bit of a ploy to get you to spend more about it in the long run, but it’s a bit exciting – like finding a perfume sample in a magazine.

I’m now a really big advocate of the brand, and use their hand creams religiously. I’ve explored their collection, used L’Occitane as a treat for myself and even gifted it to others. I’m really glad that I did venture in on that cold October day, as I know now I’ll be venturing in on many more days to come.


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