Whittards – Let’s Talk Tea

IMG_1667.JPGIn recent months I’ve bought quite the number of teas, all fruit based, and all seem to be starting to form a modest collection. At work I have a whole colour spectrum of Twinings fruit teas to call upon, now I’ve started to experiment with loose leaf teas and I’m so far liking what I have found.

I like visiting Whittards, it’s so good for finding good gifts for people, when you want to give them something that isn’t chocolate or beauty products. The stores always smell so heavenly from the teas and staff are always on hand to give advice.

IMG_1802.JPGThe minute I entered the store I was drawn to the mango and bergamot green tea, they had samples of it on offer and the heavenly aroma was wafting from the teapot and filling the store. It promises a light, fruity and uplifting experience, which I cannot wait for.

The tea cost £15, which by anyone’s standards is quite pricey, but I think a lot of the cost comes from the tin, which is part of what drew me to buying it. I’m hoping that I can get refills for it in the future, which would make it better value in the long run.

IMG_1803.JPGI also picked up what I thought was white hot chocolate, but on closer inspection it’s a loose white tea, blended with pieces of indulgent white chocolate. I couldn’t resist opening the tin and having a look, and it is! Large loose leaf tea with small chunks white chocolate – how unusual! Before I even broke the seal on the tin all I could smell was creamy, luxurious hints of chocolate. Judging the weather we have had recently it’s probably the wrong time to be buying something dissimilar to hot chocolate right now. The next time there’s a grey sky and even the promise of rain I’ll be whipping this out an giving it a try – I’m not sure whether to break out the squirty cream and marshmallows though, it’s a little confusing. Keep your eyes peeled on Instagram for further updates!

I adore the designs for both of the tins I bought, they’re so vibrant, there were other teas in store that I wanted to buy for the tins, despite not liking the tea inside! I tend to keep tins, jars and boxes that have held consumables, in the future they might become useful, and sometimes, they’re just too beautiful to get rid of.

IMG_1804.JPGFinally I went for an Apple and Elderflower infusion – no tin this time! It still looks rather attractive in the bottle, with shades of Autumn in the browns of the apple pieces, with flashes of red from the rose petals. Much like the colour it’ll be more of an autumnal taste I guess, but I’m quite looking forward to it.

At the moment I only have a novelty type infuser, which looks like a shark fin when you put it in tea. I looks fun, but it’s not the most functional as it is rather small and doesn’t allow the water to flow through very well. I’m on the hunt for a new one, as I really need to do these exquisite teas justice, though I’m not entirely sure where to start. I might have to get myself a super chic cup and saucer, perhaps a modern and minimalistic glass one.

In total I spent £32, with the White Chocolate Flavoured White Tea costing £10 and the Apple & Elderflower costing £7, as well as the £15 for the Mango and Bergamot. It’s quite a bit for me to spend on tea, thoughI did purchase 100g of Milk Oolong for £22, but that was a gift. I’m hoping that I enjoy everything that I have bought.

I’m really looking to trying each of the teas that I have bought, though I’ll definitely be starting with the Mango and Bergamot. I was right at the beginning, Whittards do make great gifts for people, and on this occasion that person is me!


4 thoughts on “Whittards – Let’s Talk Tea

  1. I was in Whittard’s York branch a couple of weeks ago – their Green Gunpowder’s quite nice.

    If you want to upgrade your tea making kit without forking out too much brass then look no further than IKEA’s “riklig” range of teapots. The smaller one costs 6 quid, and has a removable infuser insert – perfect for avoiding the sin of over-steeping…


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