Paperchase Packages

IMG_1104.JPGStationery has to be one of my absolute favourite things to shop for, and Paperchase is always a must visit, especially when there’s a sale on. I couldn’t resist their post Easter sale, so here’s what I bought.

Originally the desk tray caught my eye in the sale, in the stunning copper like shade, but I also picked up magazines files to match as well as a week view desk pad.

I’m currently trying to glam up my desk, making it look a bit more elegant. I love having things on my desk that people are attracted to or like. I’ve noticed that when people come and talk to me they’ll pick something up and start interacting with it, or comment on the things on my desk. I really like where my desk is in the office, I can see everyone in our room, as well as people walking past. Being where I am makes me feel more connected to the rest of the office as I see and speak to more people that I would if I were squirrelled away in a corner.

IMG_1102.JPGThe tray cost £7, and I am so pleased with how it looks. I’m often hesitant buying things online that I haven’t seen before instore, as it can often be a hassle to return items. I hadn’t ever seen these in the Paperchase Leeds store, and I’m in there fairly often so I’m glad I decided to check out the sale online. They tray is not that shallow and plenty big enough to to fit a few magazines. The finishing on the edges is really neat and tidy, with even lines.  There is a couple of small marks but I’m not fussed, the tray is still absolutely beautiful.

I opted for two of the magazine files at £10.50 each. I took a long time to decide whether it would be better to buy two files or two trays, opting eventually for the former. I think having two files makes sense as I can separate out boring things like bills, statements and the like from the really important stuff like magazines and takeout menus. They’re a fair size and width, so I’m not entirely sure that two was necessary. The metal is polished so has a beautiful colour, which only gets better when sunlight hits it.

IMG_1093.JPGBoth items are in what I would describe as rose gold, or something of a slight copper feel. Paperchase describes it as mystic rose. They look rather minimalistic which I love. They would be great in any room but particularly one with fairly neutral colour palette.

I’m not going to use these at work, yes they are beautiful and would brighten up my desk, but they’re far too nice for work. I’ve stashed them away safely and will bring them out when I move out. I envisage using the tray for things such as letters or bills, and the magazine files to look after important documents and things to read.

Because of the items I had bought my order qualified for free next day delivery. The items arrived the next day (I cheekily had them sent to work), everything was well packaged and secure. This was my first time ordering online with Paperchase, the whole process was slick and speedy.

The Paperchase sale is no longer one – though I’d still thoroughly recommend having a look, especially if you’re as big of a stationery fan as I am.


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