TK Maxx Haul

IMG_0996.JPGIf you read my last TK Maxx post, you’ll know I’m a particular fan of their homeware section. I could happily live surrounded by unique pieces often found in TK Maxx and sometimes you can find some right bargains in their aisles. I know some people are snobbish about it, but I’m honestly not fussed so read on to find out what I bought on my latest trip.

IMG_0989You might recognise the pattern on some of these tins from one of my previous visits to TK Maxx, I thought since having the tiffins, it would, obviously, be nice to have the tins to match. The orange and green match my tiffins but the pink is a new colour, I nearly didn’t buy the pink version but I felt having a set of three made more sense, somehow. The tins were £4.99 each, and again say that they were made in India, I still can’t get over how nice the designs are. I’m going to add these to my growing collection of things for when I move out.

I have used the monochrome pasta bows before so was delighted to see them again, and snapped up the only bag they had. I’ll be saving them for something special to add a sense of occasion to the meal. I’ll be doing the exact same with the rainbow linguine, which I’ll be perfect when summer rolls around for a light salad though it does look to good to eat.

The small spice mixes are just for me to try, they were only a couple of a pounds each, £1.49 to be exact, so I’m not really fussed if they aren’t all that nice.

IMG_0990.JPGI couldn’t resist the Fudge Kitchen Mugs of Fudge that I spotted in the kitchen section. I am a massive fan of the Fudge Kitchen, and it’s a must visit any time that I make it across to York. I do feel a little guilty picking these up at TK Maxx for just £5.99 instead of £10 in the actual store, however I always rave about them to friends and colleagues so I hope they can forgive me! I picked up two of the sets in Moreish Mint so I have a matching mug pair. Each set includes a mug and cute spoon with two sachets of the delectable drinking fudge and a little sachet of marshmallows, all you need to add is milk (and squirty cream for true indulgence) and you’re ready to go!

I had to steer clear of the stationery section as there are some absolutely stunning notebooks instore at the moment and I’m a sucker for good stationery. At school I always insisted on a new pencil case every single term, much to the annoyance of my Mother. If, like me, stationery is your thing get yourself there sharpish!

In total my spend came to £37.46 which I don’t think is all that bad. I love the homeware section, it’s always my first go to in any TK Maxx store. Are you a fan of TK Maxx, let me know!


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