Love for Lancôme – 5th May

Earlier this week, on a rather relaxing day off, I popped into Boots as I so often do, and though I would share with you my purchases.

Everything I bought came from the Lancôme counter (I am now more counter confident, yay!), I’m really starting to love Lancôme and would thoroughly rate and recommend it as a brand. Every experience I have had has always been positive, I am always made to feel welcome, and they don’t mind when I ask what are probably quite basic questions.

The Énergie de Vie range has only been out for a week but it caught my eye as I was wandering through Boots, so I though I would check it out. It’s meant to be super hydrating, helping fight tiredness with Goji Berry extract and lemon balm oil, after a couple of minutes chatting with the assistant on the Lancôme counter I was sold.

From the range I bought the Smoothing and Plumping Pearly Lotion, which is to be applied in the morning to give your skin the wake up it needs. It looks really nice, and will look even nicer next to some of my other Lancôme products! I really like the packaging, and the green hues on the bottle – though it still comes in the classic silver box! I don’t know whether I’m coming on with a cold, but there isn’t a very strong scent coming from the lotion but I must say my skin does feel very nice after application. The assistant recommended that it is applied in the morning, before moisturising, using fingertips only.

I didn’t want to commit to buying the liquid care & night mask due to how costly my visit would have become if I did. There was a sign at the counter advertising a free sample of the Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care, which they had sold out of due to it’s popularity, so cheekily I asked. Thankfully there were some samples left, at the moment I still swear by my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion, but I’m going to give this a go over the next week instead. She also gave me a sample of the night mask which I was very thankful for.

The assistant assured me that should I ever have any problem because of my eczema, or for any other reason for that matter, that I can take the smoothing and plumping lotion back to store and they will sort me out – Lancôme are so good at after sales care, and I always feel like they’re really willing to help. When I was leaving she said that they would much rather if anyone had a problem that they brought the products back, as they want everyone to have what is best for them, which pretty much summed up why I don’t mind spending more for brands like Lancôme as I know the excellent customer service is there.

Whilst I was at the counter I couldn’t resist getting another Pigment Infused Bi-Phased Lip Oil, or Juicy Shaker for short! This is the sixth(!) that I have purchased, as I recently bought one as part of a birthday present. This time I went for the shade ‘Walk the Lime’ (geddit?), the taste isn’t as prevalent as some of my others, but I’m loving it nonetheless. They are so easy to use, I currently have two in my jacket pocket, and they keep my lips well hydrated, nourished and smooth. I know I promised I would write a whole post dedicated to the Juicy Shakers – it is coming, I swear!

Since my post about the Body Shop VIP Event I have also managed to learn that bi-phase means two different liquids that don’t mix until shaken, a bit like how when there’s an oil spill and the oil sits on top of the water.I felt a little silly when I found out as it is quite self explanatory.

My total spend came in at £46, with the juicy shaker being £18, and thanks to a Lancôme offer I gained 750 Boots points as a result of my purchases, which brings my points total up to £38.84 – I’ll be buying another perfume soon at this rate!

Hope you enjoyed reading! If you do fancy trying out some of the new Lancôme Énergie de Vie range it’s well worth asking if they have a sample – I’ve always found the staff to be so helpful and friendly, and if you haven’t already you definitely need to get yourself a Juicy Shaker!


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