Birchbox on Tour – Selfridges Trafford Centre

Birchbox is on tour! Having missed it in London, and then Manchester Exchange I finally caught up with the Selfridges pop-up tour in the Trafford Centre and got my hands on a box of goodies.

The Birchbox at Selfridges tour has been making its way around the country allowing subscribers and non-subscribers alike to handpick six beauty treats for just £15, so having made my way to the Trafford centre on a rare day off I got a box, and started choosing.

The ladies on the counter were ever so attentive, recommending products from the choices, and giving tips on my picks. As I already subscribe to Birchbox she said I could have my choice of any of the items, rather than having to pick one from each section, as subscribers had been saying they already had quite a few of the products on offer. When I paid she even generously popped in a few perfume samples, not that I need any encouragement to buy another perfume.

IMG_1224.JPGI took a good long while to choose my items, being a little overwhelmed by the choice and unsure as to which to go for. The first item in my box was Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliator, as you may know from previous posts I look for products with Salicylic Acid, as it promises to tame breakouts. My face is a bit of a mess at the moment and I had a big work event at the end of last month so I was up for trying anything.

I’d missed out on getting This Works in my March Birchbox so I was really pleased to see the sleep sprays available at the pop-up, I made sure I picked up the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Ola Henrikson’s Truth Serum Collagen Booster promises to smooth lines and plump skin, sold on the uplifting citrus scent I popped it in my box.

I also opted for two lip products choosing Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Nectar and Eve Lom Kiss Mix. Even if I’m not getting much better at maintaining a makeup regime each morning I’ll always apply lip balm or something such throughout the day. To finish off the box I went for Philip B Lightweight Deep Conditioning Crème Rinse which promises to seal split ends and add shine.

IMG_1313.JPGI probably didn’t choose as wisely as perhaps I could, having ended up with three items from the skincare section, leading to quite an unbalanced box, though I think I am happy with my choices. I have quite a few mascaras and eye liners so actually think it was smart not to pick one of these. Like a normal Birchbox I also got a little booklet with information about each item and advice on how to use it, which for me, is a godsend.

I’m looking forward to using everything I have, I think I might have to switch out my Lancôme Juicy Shaker that now seems to be a permanent fixture in my Barbour’s pockets for the Eve Lom or Laura Mercier, and I’ll be putting the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray straight to work.

IMG_1226.JPGThe box design isn’t my favourite of those I have seen on Instagram, there’s a beautiful geometric pink one or an absolutely stunning stars edition from when the tour started in Selfridges London. It has a yellow base and then a geometric pattern with splashes of yellow and pink. I guess the yellow is to match the colour of Selfridges, but then the blue drawstring bag inside doesn’t match, perhaps though, that is me being a little fussy.

My box cost £15 but the Eve Lom Kiss Miss, which is full size sells at £16 on its own, so I think makes the box pretty astounding value.

IMG_1225.JPGThere was a code in the box for new subscribers to use to get their first box for £5 + delivery, which is really good but it would be nice to see a treat or reward for subscribers who visit the pop-ups, maybe an extra item or an exclusive treat. Remember if you want to sign up use my refer a friend code on this link and you’ll get £5 worth of points to spend in their online store.

I don’t know where the tour will take Birchbox next as I haven’t seen anywhere announced but if it comes to a Selfridges near you I would strongly recommend visiting. It’s really good value, and beneficial if you want to try a few of the few luxe items without the price tag.


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