What’s in the bag – 28th March

IMG_1168.JPGAfter sitting inside for what felt like weeks over the bank holiday weekend I could stand it no longer and had to get out of the house, which, inevitably meant shopping.

IMG_1139.JPGI stopped by Boots on my way into town picking up a Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox mask which, with a third off, was £6.66. I’ve used their warming detox charcoal wash before so thought I would expand my collection. I also might of picked up two more Lancôme Juicy Shakers in shades Mangoes Wild and Wonder Melon. I can’t get over how good these are, the two new ones have a much more fruitier flavour so I’m delighted to have them, they’re also different shades so I have quite the colour range now.

L’Occitane was the second store I visited, I adore L’Occitane and the aesthetic of the shops. When I visited London I insisted on taking travel sizes of my favourites to keep me clean.

The Pierre Herme collaboration with L’Occitane has been disappearing from the shelves over the past few months and they don’t seem to be replenishing stock so I took what I thought my be my last chance to snap up a few items I feared I might not see again. From the Jasmin, Immortelle & Neroli range I bought both the shower gel and Eau de Toilette. I have the matching items from the Pamplemousse-Rhubarb range, as well as a trio of hand creams in a beautiful tin in all scents from the range, including the Miel and Mandarin, the third scent combination which completes the range.

IMG_1150.JPGI will be sad when the collection is gone from the shelves, as it has to be one of my L’Occitane favourites alongside the verbana products. I’m gutted that I never got my hands to the three lip balms from the range as I know they will have been divine, I keep checking Ebay for them, but to no avail.

The edt was £46 for 75ml which seems good value compared to what you might find for a similar size in Boots and the shower gel was £15. With every visit to L’Occitane you get two samples, which always seems to make the visit more worthwhile. On this occasion I was given two samples of Divine Cream SPF 20 which is a new product, I might share one with Mother.

I promise to, at some point, write a post about my ever growing L’Occitane collection. It must now only be six months since my first visit but I have grown to be quite the advocate in the months since.

IMG_1153.JPGI also ended up in Hotel Chocolate, as I said I might. I bought quite a few things from the Easter range which was reduced in the sale. All the chocolate will last for months, most of it until the end of summer. I won’t go too much into detail about every single item as I bought quite a few, but it seemed everything was half price or better. I’m particularly pleased with the Egg on my Face slab, Lemongrass caramel selector and the Easter Goody Bag.

Charbonnel for me is very much a luxury brand for those very special occasions, or people. One of my 2015 Christmas advent calendars was from Charbonnel et Walker – it was ever so beautifully designed and had the high quality chocolates to match. I only visited on this occasion as I was very much hoping for a few naughty post-Easter bargains.

Thankfully I was in luck, they were having a post Easter sale as I had hoped! After a long while choosing, during which the shop assistants were ever so patient, I opted for a couple of treats, the first of which being a fine dark & milk chocolate selection. I’m hoping it has a little guide to the chocolates – my advent calendar didn’t so it left me guessing as to the names of my favourites.

To finish my purchases I also picked up a little duck shaped box of mini eggs and a small dark chocolate egg in a stunning box. The chocolate selection cost £17.50, the egg was £13 and the mini eggs £5. I haven’t started eating any of the items yet, I think, for Charbonnel et Walker this is rather good value.  I might save it for one of those days where you truly need to indulge and unwind. I regret not visiting their Royal Arcade store whilst I was in London – I will have to wait until next time!

Monday saw my first ever visit to a Jo Malone. As I was in the Victoria Quarter, already having been in Charbonnel and then making my way on to Harvey Nichols I thought, I would give it a try. I had seen their adverts for the new Herb Garden range and was intrigued by the Wild Strawberry and Parsley perfume.

Sadly I felt rather intimidated and out of place in the shop, I wasn’t acknowledged by the shop assistants and the other customers chose to stand in front of me when I was looking at the aforementioned perfume so I made a speedy exit. I’m a little disappointed with this set back as I have been trying to visit stores or counters that I would usually avoid in my quest to be better at beauty and more confident in myself.

My last purchase of the day was the recipe book Death by Burrito in TK Maxx which I’m looking forward to testing. Quite a few of my recipe books have come from TK Maxx including John Waite Bakes, William Curley Couture Chocolate and a few of my Leon books. It’s a really good place for finding them at discount prices – I’m not too precious on them having a few small scuffs or marks as they’ll soon have  my own sticky finger prints on them too!

So that’s it, all the shopping bags! It was nice to get out of the house after being inside for three days of the bank holiday weekend.


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