TK Maxx Tiffins

IMG_1000.JPGTK Maxx isn’t for everyone, I know that. I so often hear it likened to a jumble sale, and in some senses it may be true but with pieces as beautiful as these Tiffins how could you not try?!

Anyone that knows me, understands that I love walking the aisles of a TK Maxx store, particularly the homeware section. I often take pictures of things I find as inspiration – my camera roll looks like a pretty good mood board for when I move out! You can find the weird, the wonderful and the wacky, and often all in one trip! It’s when I find pieces like these, that it makes my visit truly worthwhile.

Firstly I cannot get over how beautiful these tiffins are, I am so glad that I found them, the colours both clash and compliment at the same time creating a harmonic design. My favourite of the two would probably be the blue, but only just! The detail in the designs is exquisite and completed with such finesse, I wouldn’t want to say that they are hand painted as I can’t tell for sure but I would hope that they are. The harsh metallic reflection of the stainless steel also seems to work well within this combination of colours.

IMG_1009.JPGThe label does say made in India so I am hopeful that this is confirmation they are hand painted as it adds a little authenticity to them. I think in part what attracted me to them was the tradition that surrounds tiffins and the Dabbawallas in India, how operate with such an astonishing degree of accuracy. India is such a beautiful and mythical country, I’ve never been but I think it’s a must see for most people, myself included.

They’re really easy to use, at current the mechanism is a little stiff, but it keeps everything tight and secure. To access edible treats all that has to be done is to undo the catch and lower the arms. Each level can also be detached from the unit so they double up as stunning serving bowls that could be used for garnishes, small salads or dips. I wouldn’t be surprised if next time I cook you spy these in the pictures!

IMG_1006.JPGUsing these as a lunchbox would brighten up any day at my desk, they’d be perfect for me as I usually have a lunch made up of several components. I would have sourdough or pittas on one level, salad on another and then a sneaky treat at the bottom to keep me going until home time. If I’m being honest though they are a little too nice for work, and I would hate to expose them to the trials of the 08:22 to Leeds.

The two tier was £9.99 and the three tier tiffins were £12.99 a piece. I know some people will think me positively crazy, but I just can’t over how good they look. At the moment they are on display on my bookshelf full of recipe books, it just brightens my day when I look at them.

IMG_1008.JPGWhenever I visit a TK Maxx store I always make a beeline straight to the homeware section. The one in the centre of Leeds it pretty good, and I’ve bought quite a few pieces from there, some I’m using now, and some I’m saving for when I move out.

The store at Crown Point, just outside of Leeds has an even better homeware section, with furniture, rugs and more. I find solace buying TK Maxx products, knowing that I won’t walk into anyone else’s home to find the same Next cushion, or George ornament. Like I said at the start I know TK Maxx is not for everyone but with beautiful pieces like this it is worth giving it a try and seeing what you find!

Have you picked up any gems from TK Maxx? Let me know!


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