Food Review: Original Fry-Up Material

WP_20141017_010.jpgLast weekend, after a spot of shopping I visited Trinity Kitchen for lunch and said I would write it up, so as promised here it is!

I like to finish a Saturday shopping trip with lunch in Trinity Kitchen, they’ve seen many traders have residencies since it opened a few years back. My favourite of the current batch would have to be Original Fry-Up Material.

OFM have been in Trinity Kitchen before, but the first time I came across them was at Amazing Graze a few years back at the Left Bank Centre. Every time they now come anywhere near Leeds city centre I have to make a visit. Their ‘cheesey’ is ranked in my top three for all time favourite burgers.

WP_20160319_015.jpgI was going to opt for my favourite, but at the last moment I decided to go for the Sweetsmoke, which comprises of a beef patty, romaine lettuce with the added delights of honey mustard glaze, whiskey cured streaky bacon and smoked Applewood cheddar. I’m not a whiskey fan, but having recently tried a burger with beer candied bacon (not liking beer either) , I thought I would give it a go and am delighted that I did.

I asked for the burger to be well done, which I know is not to everyone’s taste, but thankfully they obliged. The burger was absolutely heavenly, the cheese melting, oozing into the bacon pieces, which were crisp and sweeter than anticipated. The lettuce gave the burger an added crunch, alongside the bacon, the burger had a great depth of flavour. All of the elements combined to a make a sublime burger with a slight sweet taste that just melts away in the mouth.

The chips were quite ample in their portion size, served in a candy striped paper bag. Condiments were offered but I chose to eat the chips on their own. They were well seasoned, not overly salted, and a perfect accompaniment to the sweeter taste of the burger. The meal was a little messy to eat, but I think that was more me going at it with the gusto of eating solo at home, rather than with the grace of eating with company, in public.

The service wasn’t particularly fast, but as I spent the time people watching I didn’t mind. I love sitting in Trinity Kitchen, watching people circle round, making their choices, splitting off to order from different vendors and then making their way back together over food. The Gentleman who took my order was ever so polite and cheery, and the staff matched in their traditional red stripe aprons.

WP_20160319_012.jpgMy grub cost £11.50, comprising of £7.50 for the burger, £2.50 for the chips and £1.50 for a drink to wash it all down with. I’m glad I decided to try the Sweetsmoke, but will probably be back for the Cheesey soon, just to tick it off the list. I don’t drink beer but I would strongly recommend that you try their Fry.P.A if you give them a visit. They offer a Beer, Burger and Chips meal deal for £10 which is pretty good value, even if you choose one of the pricier burgers for £1.50 extra it still works out well.

Original Fry-Up Material are only in Trinity Kitchen until close of play on Sunday 2nd of April so if you haven’t been yet, or want to get your last fix make sure you get there soon! If you don’t make it you can find out where Original Fry-up Material will be next on their website, though I’m hoping they come back to Trinity Kitchen soon!


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