Easter Eats: My Chocolate Stash

IMG_1080.JPGI’m not at all religious, so Easter does not bare much significance to me apart from chocolate. I use Easter as a mark – a quarter of the way into the year, time to relax, to give (small) thanks to others, and to indulge on absurd amounts of chocolate over the course of four days. This year I had  bit more of an upmarket hoard of cocoa based products, having recently visited London, so take a look what I’ve been indulging on.

IMG_1029.JPGMy favourite of all the treats pictured for Easter would have to be the Lindt bunny, simply because it has my name on it! When I visited Selfridges they were offering a personalisation service on Lindt bunnies. For £7.99, I got a medium bunny with a personalised ribbon, or I did after some mild grammatical issues! I’ll be saving the ribbon for future years as its too nice to get rid of, the bunny itself is almost too cute to eat… almost!

The small rabbit and the small hare came from Marks and Spencer and Betty’s respectively. I’ve been saving the hare for a month or so, from when I visited York in February. It cost £4.95, it’s only about 6 centimetres high but is so cute. The Beau Bunny cost £2 – last year I gave a few of these away as thank you gifts at work!

IMG_1053.JPGThe charming little yellow ducky came from Choccywoccydoodah in London. I was worried about taking it out of the casing for the photos but thankfully the chocolate felt pretty thick. The chocolate is sweet but not at all sickly, despite its vibrant colour. I was so amazed when I visited the store with what can be achieved with chocolate, this duck is one of the more sedate pieces. The duck cost £9.99 – I’ll be keeping the mould as hopefully I can use it to make my own chocolate ducks!

Believe it or not the Fortnum and Mason Easter Truffles are the most expensive thing in the first picture (apart from the cushion!). This small box set me back a whopping £19.99, so they better be good, and I better make them last. I haven’t actually been to the shop in the centre of London, I picked these up at St. Pancras whilst awaiting the train.

IMG_1040.JPGMy little Godiva chocolates are cute, they’re a bit of a step up from my usual M&S chocolate eggs but I thought they would be a nice treat. In the box they were arranged in colour which made them look even nicer! They’re just little egg shaped truffles, but the chocolates that I have had previously from Godiva have been scrumptious.

The James Chocolate pistachio speckled egg looks the part, it’s quite petite and perfectly portioned for one sitting. I picked this up in the Selfridges food hall at the same time as my Lindt bunny, they had eggs of other sizes but I opted for the smallest.

IMG_1090.JPGI also bought the family an Easter egg each, as usual I went for Marks and Spencer’s. I stuck to a rough budget of about £7 per egg. The quality of the chocolate in Marks and Spencer’s Easter range is rather high and I would rate it above Cadburys when it comes to Easter chocolate, so hopefully they will be enjoyed.

It’s really naughty but after Easter I always love picking up some of the the reduced treats. Hotel Chocolat and Marks and Spencer’s are pretty good for finding a few bargains, so if you pass a store in the next few days I would strongly recommend having a look. The chocolate doesn’t usually go out of date for a while, and I’m not above eating Easter chocolate in May.

How was your Easter – eat anything nice? Don’t forget to tell me what Easter treats you received in the comments!


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