What’s in the bag – 19th March

IMG_0962.JPGA typical, and in fact an ideal, Saturday for me always starts with a ‘light’ spot of retail therapy, followed by a spot of street food for lunch and thankfully this Saturday was just that.

Even though I work in the city centre I try and avoid it during the week, I tend to find that my post work shopping trips are always more expensive, so I usually take a direct line to the train station, avoiding all temptations. It’s nice to do a spot of shopping at the weekend, I always aim for one day out of the house, and one day resting, usually watching box sets – on a weekend as that seems to strike the perfect balance for me.

Boots I visited first, with the sole intention of participating in the Sancuary Spa wipe amnesty occurring this weekend. I had brought along the Simple Micellar Face wipes that I have been nothing other than disappointed with for the past fortnight. As it transpired I didn’t even need to hand over the wipes and was offered up a sample of the Foaming Micellar Cleansing Water and some cotton pads. It’s a really cool initiative and I can’t wait to try it (it turns out I already have a full size, unused – d’oh!) but I am disappointed that I didn’t actually have to hand over the wiped as I am little desperate to get rid of them.

There was also someone handing out samples of the new Colgate Total Proof, which everyone bar me seems to have seen on the adverts. It’s only a travel size sample and as much as I want to save it for my next short break away I’m desperate to try it and see if it actually works. The whole colour changing concept though does remind me of disclosing tablets – which are definitely not the most fondest of childhood memories.

I did also buy some toothpaste in the store – choosing Colgate Max White One and Max White Expert White, as someone at work had recommended them last week and I’m forever on the hunt for a good whitening toothpaste. It came to £7.98, which was partly my fault as I picked toothpastes that had two different offers.

IMG_0974.JPGBoots in Trinity Leeds now has a Liz Earle concession which I am delighted about, I’ve only recently come on to Cleanse and Polish, and I’m absolutely loving it! It feels delightful to use, with my skin coming out smooth, soft, and pampered afterwards – it’s also perfect for lazy people like me as you massage it into dry skin (which I do in bed) and then rinse it off with the cloth afterwards. Currently I’m using the Rose and Cedrat edition but I have Pink Pepper and Mint lined up next! It is a little pricier than washes I have used in the past, costing around £21 for the 150ml scented editions, but I thought I would give it a go and am glad I did.

Anyway, the point I am (very) slowly getting to is that I picked up an Instant Boost Skin Tonic for £14.50. A work BFF who swears by Liz Earle had recommended this and as I am pleased with Cleanse and Polish thus far I thought I would give it a go. The attendant also offered me the opportunity of a consultation appointment in the future which I might have to take her up on!

IMG_0983.JPGI went in Lush to check out some of the new Easter range which looked pretty inviting when I had seen it on Instagram. I have to steer clear of the bath bombs at the moment because of how inflamed my eczema is – someone bought me one at Christmas which was amazing and thoughtful but I simply couldn’t use it as it is like bathing in acid and intensely stings my skin. I did work around it by letting the bath bomb go in a full sink of water, much like you might see in store as a demo, it was fun to watch and smelt heavenly but at the same time was pretty soul destroying.

My usual go to massage bar is Sacre Coeur for obvious reasons, but this time I opted for the Dirty. Like Sacre Coeur it has the chocolate I’m used to in it, but with a hint of mint to freshen things up. I have also used Percup in the past for my legs as it’s fantastic for soothing muscle aches and pains.

IMG_0975.JPGI also picked up two small shower jellies, choosing my favourite Whoosh which is lemons, limes and rosemary and Refresher which has the most heavenly lemon zing –  perfect for a cloudy morning’s pick me up!

My visit to Lush set me back £19.75, which was £3.75 each for the two jellies, £5.95 for the massage bar and £6.25 for the bubble bar. I know I did go in with the intention of buying Easter related products but a lot of them were bath bombs, that being Lush’s bread and butter, though I probably should have picked up a Bouncy Bunny shower gel.

Lunch was from Trinity Kitchen, the delicious OFM London for a burger, which I will write up in a few days – they’re only in for another week and a half so get there quick if you can!

Don’t forget you can find me on Instagram or Twitter, where you can keep up to date day to day with my spending!

Have you used any of the products I bought? – Please let me know any thoughts or tips you have. Or if you have any whitening toothpaste, Liz Earle or Lush favourites that you think I should try please do let me know, in the comments below!


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