Rainbow Rolls

IMG_0455.JPGThere wasn’t much I knew I definitely wanted from Selfridges, apart from these; Rainbow Bagels!

Easily noticeable the moment I stepped into the bakery with beautiful marbled effects, –  yellows, greens, blues and purples I knew I just had to try these. I had seen them on Instagram in the weeks before my visit and had set my sights on them pretty early on, claiming a bag for my own and then clutching it for the rest of my time in Selfridges!

IMG_0806.JPGSome of the bagels had larger areas of deep purple, which a darkened the colour more than others in the pack, and were my least favourite, though that is me being awfully picky. I liked the ones that were, vibrant in colour as they brighten up the day, though all are a lovely breakfast swap.

As far as I could discern the bagels had no different taste to that of usual bagels. The multicoloured rings were as light and and airy as a rainbow, with the typical smooth, but not quite crispy outside.

The five bagels lasted two meals, first for a brunch, with cream cheese and butter (though importantly not at the same time) and the second as a traditional bagel sandwich with ham and lettuce. They were easy to spread on and kept their shape unlike some varieties found in supermarkets, if anything the cream cheese only accentuated the vivid colours, making lunch all the more enjoyable. I am a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t have the forethought to try one with Nutella as that would have been a true pick-me up indulgence.

IMG_0810.JPGThe bagels have a shelf life of approximately three or four days, which is plenty good I bought these ones on Wednesday, ate on Saturday (and stretching to Sunday). I would love to know whether they are suitable for freezing as I could have stocked up!

The bagels cost £4.99 for a pack of five from Selfridges food hall in London. They are made by the talented Yummies Deli, who can be found in Mill Hill. Having checked Yummies out on Facebook I have seen that they also do gorgeous candy stripe bagels which look a treat. If I could make bagels I would definitely have a go at trying to replicate these beauties, living in Leeds it’s a little hard to pop to Selfridges – though having checked my bank balance after last week, that’s probably a good thing!

Have you tried these multicoloured delights – or do they seem a bit bizarre to you?  As ever it’s always good to hear from you – let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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