Boots Haul: 1st March

It’s a little late but I thought I would share with you my latest shopping trip to Boots. I always seem to find myself in the Trinity Leeds store, whether to fill time before a train sampling the perfumes, or just looking for something new to try. I’ll try and keep you updated with the things I buy, and try so long as you promise to share with me any recommendations!

The travel bottles and body polisher were what I went in for initially. I wanted to take these with me to London, I used the little pots to take some of my Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and Liz Earle Rose and Cedrat Cleanse and Polish. I didn’t want to take the large bottles so these little pots were ideal, there was a handy mini spatula in the pack, but I pumped out only the amount I needed into the pots to minimize waste. I took mini L’Occitane shower gel and shampoo so didn’t use the larger bottles but have saved them away for my next adventure.

I already use the Glycolic Fix Overnight Purifying Gel, and have had the Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads before, but ran out last week. Of late I’ve been trying to look for products that contain salicylic acid, as it’s meant to help with acne prone skin, and at 24, I’m hoping not to look like a perpetual teenager sometime soon. The Dragon’s Blood pads are new to me, I didn’t opt for the extreme version as I have to be quite careful not to use products that are too harsh as they can very easily dry out my skin and irritate my eczema.

It was £6.63 and £8.65 for the Glycolic Fix and Dragon’s Blood respectively, they sound like odd prices but there was an offer on meaning I saved about three or four pounds on each item. I find that the Nip+Fab products, though they do seem a bit pricey are quite good, one pot like those above would last me about a month, going on that I use about two pads in my daily routine. The offer for up to half price off is still on, so if like me you’re looking to replenish your cupboard make sure you get to Boots sharpish!

The Sanctuary Spa Moisturising Butter Scrub and Cooling Body Sorbet were a bit of an impulse purchase, on the end of an aisle when I walked in was a special offer. The offer was for for a free ‘Brimming Full of Happiness’ box when you buy two Sanctuary Spa products. I’m a complete sucker for offers like that. I opted for the scrub as I need a new one with spring on the way, ideally it will be quite moisture rich too. The cooling sorbet will hopefully be a godsend for my eczema, I’m really suffering at the moment and pray that the cooling effect will soothe my skin.

Above you can see the contents of the box, all the products are pretty much full size, aside from the body scrub which is a small bottle, ideal for travel. Roughly estimating the two 250ml bottles would be about £7 each, and the smaller bottle a £2.50 travel size, so I think it works out good value. My sister thinks it smells like a fruit tea, the scent is quite nice and would be a uplifting start to the morning.

Again, this offer is still on in Boots, so if you want to treat yourself, or could do with something to fill the gifting cupboard this is pretty nifty – and it’s beautifully presented too! The offer applies to most of the full size products – the two I chose were £6.50 and £7.00, but applies to ones that are £5 right up to £10 and beyond, so you can pick carefully and get the deal quite cheap! Personally, I’ll probably be keeping this one for myself!

So that everything in my bag, in total I spent £33.82, I only went in originally for the travel products, but obviously got pretty distracted (I’m sure you can understand!), my receipt said I saved £20.16, though I imagine a lot of that comes from the Sanctuary box, and the Nip+Fab products which were on sale.

Have you used Nip+Fab or Sanctuary Spa before – what are your favourite products? Let me know in the comments below!


One thought on “Boots Haul: 1st March

  1. I was in London a few weeks back. I purchased Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion at Boots. I fell in love with this product the minute I used it. I told myself I was going to purchase more before my holiday came to an end. Sadly I did not get the chance to do so. Now I’m upset with myself for not purchasing a few more bottles before I left London. This product is not sold in the United States. 😟

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